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 Fabric Structures include Arch Shelters (TM), Industrial Tents, Inflatable Buildings and Sail Pavilions.

Splash Fabric Structures Services include Custom Design and/or Turnkey Solutions from our range of ready engineered shelter designs. 

The Majority of Arch Shelter Domes and Gable Fabric Structures up to 12 meters wide are ready for immediate manufacture and turn around can be as quick as three (3) weeks door to door.

Industrial Tents are sourced from China whilst Inflatable Structures are presently designed and manufactured in Europe.

We have taken a cautious approach to wait until borders re-open before resuming international trade.

Steel Arch Shelters  |  Inflatable Buildings  |  Aluminum Frame Tents  |  Geodesic Space Igloos  |  Steel Pole Tents  |  Sail Pavilions

Splash Fabric Structures


Functionality, fast build and freedom to relocate.

This was the original philosophy behind fabric structures beginning from the humble Teepees and Yurts.

Despite residing under Industrial Tent codes,  Fabric Structures designed or sourced by Splash are engineered to satisfy Australian and New Zealand Building Codes, (safest building codes in the world) exceeding IBC (International Building Codes) to ensure maximum strength for heavy duty working conditions and extreme weather environments.

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Fabric Structure Designs


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