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Safety, Quality and Cost Effectiveness

Fabric Arch Shelters (Soft Tops) are engineered industrial strength, tensioned membrane, fabric structures that are manufactured from galvanized steel frames and synthetic fabrics (PVC, PE or Shade Cloth).

Fabric Container Shelters are PVC Canopies designed to utilize Sea Containers as support.  Excellent option to recycle containers for a fully relocatable structure that is used for aircraft and helicopter hangars, vehicle and machine storage, paint bays, welding shelters and worksite shade.

Aluminum Industrial and Event Tents are a range of traditional Aluminium and Steel frame tents and marquees that are perfect for Events, Parties and some Industrial Applications.  

Splash Air brands our new range of Inflatable Buildings (Splash Air Arch) and Floating LTA Structures (Air Roofs,Cranes and Blimps) that we bring to you in 2022.  European and Australian Designs and Engineering.


Fabric Structures Australia        

Fabric Structures Australia   

Fabric Structures Australia


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