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Pauline in Rome I do hope we can bring in some of their fabulous structures

Nobody could ever have predicted what has occurred in the world, but feel it can bring benefits to us in Australia, and the world in general.

My last grand tour was of Guangzhou, Italy and Berlin in October 2019 - by the time I arrived in Paris, was so ill, all I wanted was to come home.

What has occurred is uncanny but I feel also a relief, because the system as it was, was not working. 

Travelling the world to do business my eyes became wide open from the shock at the behaviour of organisations I had thought were trustworthy.  It became apparent Mafias were taking over the world financially and many (supposedly respected) organisations were getting caught in the traps set up by Trillion $ Cartels.  These are the groups responsible for the business world collapsing every 3 years, artificial industries developed to launder the money of a $380 Billion a year drug industry. 

Many are blaming the Chinese for what has occurred in the world, but the truth is they were used by Western and Eastern conglomerates who saw them as a soft touch as they emmerged from their industrial sleep.  I do not blame them for being furious with us.

Schadenfreude de MadamSplash

This is the 30 year anniversary of the creation of Splash, which also co-incides with the demise of Christopher Skase and Alan Bond. We should revisit their misdemeanors because it was just fiddlesticks compared to what is occurring now. 

Admit can be naive where humans are concerned, was apparently on the end of my own "sting" in 2014 during one of the previous financial collapses, a time I had thrown my hands up in the air and went overseas to look for business as debt was a serious issue.  Even though the offices continued and was contactable 24/7, reportedly I was pursued by a gaggle of revengeful humans attempting to "trick me into fake sales" - and it didn't help that one of my troubled projects of the time included a film director responsible for the 2001 movie called "Let's Get Skase". This would make a good show too I think, ideal for Black Mirror.

Perhaps I am a fool but I prefer to drag my debts around in a Santa Bag and pay them at some stage in the future.  In fairness to myself, I am owed a great deal more than I owe.

The Opportunity

We now have an opportunity to take back our international presence as a global innovator by resuming our former manufacturing genius and developing new industries that produce jobs for Australian citizens.

To accomplish this however, we will need to provide realistic prices on products and services - from materials to engineering and design.

Its time to shake off the greed mongers and level the field for the newcomers who will be taking over. 

Have a great year .. though 2022 will be better.

Pauline Douglas (aka MadamSplash)



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